About Broxo

The efficiency of water softening installations largely depends on the quality of the salt used. This is why BROXO® has developed very pure regeneration salts, compacted under high pressure. Our quality products BROXO® 6-15, BROXO® TABLETS, and BROXO® Block  offer our customers tailor-made regeneration salts for all types of water softening installations, both industrial and domestic, as well as laboratories, hospitals and clinics.

Hard water costs money

Water is more than just H2O. Water also contains various high concentrations of calcium and magnesium ions and this leads to scaling and furring. This will reduce the life and efficiency of heating equipment, pipes and taps. Besides this, hard water also reduces the cleaning power of soaps and detergents and causes unsightly scale on baths and crockery. As a result, water is softened in order to save money and avoid inconvenience.


Water softening

Water softening installations remove unwanted calcium and magnesium ions by a process referred to as ion exchange. The ion exchanger consists of one or more tanks, filled with millions of tiny synthetic resin beads. These resin beads are saturated with sodium ions. When the hard water passes through the tank with the ion
exchanger, the calcium and magnesium ions in the water are attracted so strongly by the resin beads that they are absorbed by the resin. The sodium ions are repelled in the process and end up in the softened water.


Regeneration salt

After a while, the synthetic beads become saturated with calcium and magnesium ions and the ion exchanger has to be regenerated. This means that the resin beads have to be refilled with sodium ions and at the same time, be stripped of the calcium and magnesium ions. For this purpose, brine water fully saturated with salt is fed through the resin tank. The brine solution is taken from a separate storage tank with compacted regeneration salt. The compacted salt dissolves slowly in the water, which keeps the brine supply strong.


Trouble-free solution for every application

We have developed a complete product line in close cooperation with producers and suppliers of industrial and domestic water softening installations. A BROXO product is available with the right bead size for most applications, which means we can always meet the specific process and equipment requirements for your daily needs. For instance:

  • BROXO® 6-15 for laundries, domestic and industrial domestic
  • BROXO® tablets for hospitals and laboratory use
  • BROXO Blocks® for specific, compact water softening.


Optimal brine solution

Regeneration salt should dissolve evenly and gradually in order to form a flawless brine solution at every regeneration cycle. Most regeneration salts are compacted under low pressure. This is why they disintegrate more readily, referred to as ‘mushing’, and form an impermeable cake in the storage tank, or other parts of the water softening system. BROXO products always retain their form, even after long periods in the brine tank. This is the result of a unique production method where the refined vacuum salt is compacted under special conditions and high pressure. BROXO products therefore not only provide soft water, but also eliminate the need for storage tank cleaning, which avoids extra maintenance.


Very pure refined vacuum salt

BROXO products are made of very pure refined vacuum salt, free from any harmful soluble or insoluble contaminants. Insoluble contaminants damage pumps and valves and may be deposited in the brine tank. Soluble contaminants are a threat to the ion exchanger and the quality of the end product, ‘soft water’. This is why no sea salt or rock salt is used in any BROXO product, but only very pure refined vacuum salt.


Best quality

For the efficient, maintenance-free operation of your water softening installation, it is essential that top-quality regeneration salt is used. BROXO products meet all requirements to ensure smooth operation.