Excellent quality and food safety.

All BROXO compacted salt products from Nouryon meet the standard EN973 A. This standard is for chemicals used for treatment of water intended for human consumption: Sodium Chloride for regeneration of ion exchangers. The norm has a class A and B where the salt that conforms to A is more pure than B.

Our compacted salt is made purely from vacuum salt with a very low level of impurity, for minimal effect on your water softening equipment

The safety of your equipment is our concern. We monitor our production processes periodically to reduce any possible risk of product contamination. Special sieve installations, magnets and metal detectors are monitored systematically to ensure pure salt production.



Your guarantee that the customer is always our central concern and that we are committed to continuous quality improvement.


The European food safety standard which ensures commitment to food legislation in the industry and on-going risk assessment of materials and equipment.

IFS for Hengelo:

The International Food Standard.